nevertimes (nevertimes) wrote in asiaroleplayads,

Neverland - An Asian Artists' RP

theneverrp: An Asian Entertainer's RPG


In Neverland you have the potential to play a variety of character types, one of the many Neverland natives (Fairies, Merfolk, Pirates, Lostfolk, Indians) or one of the Elsewheres (normal humans brought in from the real world). Every week a copy of the Neverland Times is strewn across the island announcing the upcoming events happening for the week.

The reason you are in Neverland is to rediscover how to have fun, something you seem to have forgotten in the time you've spent becoming a 'grown up'. Some of the activities may seem ridiculous to your 'adult' sense of propriety, but doesn't a game of fairy-catching by moonlight sound fun? Helping the Lostfolk raid Pirate schooners and stealing their dubloons is exciting, isn't it? Explore your surroundings and get used to them changing, because there are no limits in Neverland!
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