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Advertisement: Blood Contract (a Japanese Entertainment AU RP)

blood contract [bluhd kon-trakt]

1. a pact made between a vampire and a human.
2. made when the human is on the brink of death.
3. an act in which the human surrenders his or her life to the vampire.
4. sealed by drinking each other's blood.
Vampires; beings that we understand to simply be mythical creatures, when in truth they live amongst us. They live under the same sky as us, and walk upon the same streets as us. They are, ultimately, part of what we define as 'us'. That man, sitting on the stool over there, drinking from a glass bottle of beer? A vampire. That little girl, running excitedly into the sweet shop on the corner of the street? Another vampire. Apart from their need for blood and pale complexions, there is no way to tell a vampire apart from a human. And it is through such a basis that vampires are able to co-exist with human beings.

Jenoah, a small quiet country along the Mediterranean and with a close Italian heritage is home to two of the last remaining vampire clans: The Sangre di Guianni and The Sedientos. With differing views of vampire/human relations and years of bad blood between them, unrest is beginning to rock the quiet land.

Will you side with the Guianni? Work toward a peaceful coexistence between human and vampire kind, sticking to the shadows? Or will you side with the Sedientos, working toward rebuilding the prestige vampire kind once held. Humans and dhampirs are caught in the middle.

Who will you be?
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