beinghuman_mod (beinghuman_mod) wrote in asiaroleplayads,

New Game!

Please check us out! We're very new and looking for people to play. :)

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What is the definition of being human? Is it living, breathing, walking on two legs? Is it a genetic code? What is being human, after all? It certainly isn't being simply a member of the human race, not in this world.

Being Human is an Asian Entertainment AU RP based very, very loosely on the BBC show of the same name. We welcome (and are looking for) muses of all Asian Entertainment industries to join us in present-day New York City - but with a twist! The beings of myth, legend and lore are anything but - they're your neighbors, sisters, husbands, bosses...they're you. Being Human is based off of an alternate timeline where the mythical beings of old never faded into lore, but simply kept living side by side with humans. Please check the permise and other links above for more information regarding character types.

We look forward to playing with you!

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